Lecture Notes

1 Introduction
2 Siegert, Hubertus. Berlin Babylon. (PDF)

Pinder, John. "What the EU is for," "Single Market, Single Currency," and "The EU and the Rest of Europe." (PDF)

Nietzsche, Friedrich. "The Four Great Errors." (PDF)
3 Byatt, A. S. Babel Tower. (PDF)

Nietzsche, Friedrich. "The 'Improvers of Mankind'" (PDF)
4 Byatt, A. S. Babel Tower. (PDF)

Noble, Michael J. "A Tower of Tongues."
5 Nietzsche, Friedrich. On the Advantages and Disadvantages of History for Life. (PDF)
6 Hermann, Judith. "This Side of the Oder." (PDF)

Kristeva, Julia. "Europe Divided: Politics, Ethics, Religion." (PDF)
7 Schulze, Ingo. Simple Stories. (PDF)

Wolf, Christa. "The Leftover Baggage of German History: Correspondence with Jürgen Habermas." (PDF)
8 Wolf, Christa. Cassandra. (PDF)

Bahro, Rudolf. "From Red to Green: Industrialism and Cultural Revolution." (PDF)
9 Strauß, Botho. "Idiots of the Immediate." (PDF)

Sloterdijk, Peter. "Cynicism — The Twilight of False Consciousness." (PDF)
10 Vinterberg, Thomas. The Celebration. (PDF)

Aspects of Dogma: p.o.v. (PDF)

Foucault, Michel. "What is an Author?" (PDF)
11 Houellebecq, Michel. The Elementary Particles. (PDF)

Piper, Andrew. "Project Übermensch: German Intellectuals Confront Genetic Engineering." (PDF)
12 Beuys, Joseph. Artworks. (PDF)

Buchloh, Benjamin H. D. "Beuys: The Twilight of the Idol". (PDF)
13 Kristeva, Julia. "Europhilia-Europhobia." (PDF)