ESD.85J / 17.312J / STS.461J Integrating Doctoral Seminar on Emerging Technologies

Fall 2005

Diagram of global network of satellites around the earth.
The GPS (Global Positioning System) is one of the emerging technologies considered in this seminar. (Image courtesy of USGS.)

Course Highlights

This course features student papers in the assignments section and student case study presentations in the lecture notes section.

Course Description

This team-taught subject is for doctoral students working on emerging technologies at the interface of technology, policy and societal issues. It integrates concepts of research strategy and design from a variety of disciplines. The class addresses problem identification and formulation of research topics, the role of qualitative and quantitative research methods, and the use of various data collection techniques. Coursework focuses on students' thesis proposals, faculty-student study panels, critical evaluation of research design, and ethical issues in conducting research and gathering data.
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Prof. Daniel Hastings
Dr. Lawrence McCray
Dr. Jason Black

Course Meeting Times

One session / week
2 hours / session