ESD.70J / 1.145J Engineering Economy Module

Fall 2008

Graph of value against time for original price data, fitted curve from trendline, and reconstructed curve from regression.
Graphical result of computing average growth rate and volatility for Google stocks, based on original stock price data. See the Session 3 lecture and spreadsheets in the lecture notes section. (Image by course instructors.)

Course Description

This intensive micro-subject provides the necessary skills in Microsoft® Excel spreadsheet modeling for ESD.71 – Engineering Systems Analysis for Design. Its purpose is to bring entering students up to speed on some of the advanced techniques that we routinely use in analysis. It is motivated by our experience that many students only have an introductory knowledge of Excel, and thus waste a lot of time thrashing about unproductively. Many people think they know Excel, but overlook many efficient tools – such as Data Table and Goal Seek. It is also useful for a variety of other subjects.


This MIT OpenCourseWare site is based on the materials from Professor de Neufville's ESD.70J Web site.

Technical Requirements

Special software is required to use some of the files in this course: .xls.

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Prof. Richard de Neufville
Michel-Alexandre Cardin

Course Meeting Times

4 sessions in one week
2 hours / session