ESD.126 Energy Systems and Economic Development

Spring 2001

Photo of transformer and power lines in India.
Transformer and power lines in India.  (Photo by Dr. Richard D. Tabors.)

Course Highlights

Students will work in teams to perform a detailed evaluation of the privatization/restructuring of the ASEAN region. In doing so, they will develop a thorough understanding of the processes and progress of each of the selected nations toward restructuring of their energy sector from governmentally controlled to private sector. Among the areas of analysis:
  • The Electric Sector
  • The Gas (and/or liquid fuels) Sector
  • The demand for energy by sector
  • The regulatory, legal, and legislative structure vis a vis energy
  • The role energy in the economic (manufacturing, etc.) structure of the country
  • Mechanism/phasing of reform
  • Attractiveness of reform scheme to private sector players/financiers
  • Probability of overall success of reform program and grading across Critical Success Factors

Course Description

A team-based policy research subject focused on evaluation of energy technologies and their implementation within developing countries. Focuses on one or more specific nations, carries out a resource assessment, and develops an energy strategy that is congruent with technical potential, cultural requirements, and environmental constraints.

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Dr. Richard D. Tabors

Course Meeting Times

One session / week
3 hours / session