This section contains links to the course's lecture slides, along with homework and project due dates.

1 Overview of Course (PDF - 2.7 MB)
2 Transmission Line Theory (PDF)
3 S-parameters and Impedance Transformers (PDF)
4 Generalized Reflection Coefficient, Smith Chart, Passives (PDF)
5 High Speed Broadband Amplifiers (PDF)
(HW #1 Due, HW #2 Out)
6 Enhancement of Broadband Amplifiers, Narrowband Amplifiers (PDF)
7 Noise Modeling in Amplifiers (PDF)
(HW #2 Due, HW #3 Out)
8 Noise Figure, Impact of Amplifier Nonlinearities (PDF)
9 Low Noise Amplifiers (PDF)
(HW #3 Due, HW #4 Out)
10 Mixers (PDF)
11 Voltage Controlled Oscillators (PDF)
(HW #4 Due, HW #5 Out)
12 Noise in Voltage Controlled Oscillators (PDF - 1.2 MB)
13 High Speed Digital Logic (PDF)
14 High Speed Frequency Dividers (PDF)
(HW #5 Due, Project 1 Out)
15 Integer-N Frequency Synthesizers (PDF)
16 Noise in Integer-N Frequency Synthesizers (PDF)
17 Advanced Frequency Synthesizers (PDF)
18 Design and Simulation of Synthesizers (PDF - 1.5 MB)
(Project 1 Due, HW #6 Out)
19 Basics of Wireless Communication (PDF)
20 Performance Measures of Wireless Communication (PDF)
21 MSK Modulation and Clock and Data Recovery Circuits (PDF)
(HW #6 Due, Project #2 Out)
22 Guest Lecture by Gu-Yeon Wei, Harvard University: Low-Power High-Speed Links (PDF)
23 Guest Lecture: Statistical Electronics
24 Guest Lecture by Analog Devices: RF Power Amplifiers (PDF - 1.2 MB)
25 Guest Lecture: A 1.6 Gb/s/pair Electromagnetically Coupled Multidrop Bus Using Pulse-Based Modulated Signaling
26 Guest Lecture by Richard Schreier, Analog Devices: Lowpass and Bandpass Delta-Sigma Modulation (PDF)
(Project #2 Due)