As part of the requirements of the course, you need to complete a project on a topic of your choice, related to the class material. You can work individually or in a group of two or three people.

Format and Size

The final paper should be written with at least 12pt font, single space, single column and should be at most 5 pages in length for a single person project, at most 8 pages for two people and at most 10 pages for three people, not including figures.

Possible Project Topics

Please refer to the reading list for topics and ideas; you can of course choose something which is not on the reading list, provided it has sufficient connection to the class material.

Possible project types include but are not limited to:

  • A description of greater clarity than an important original publication.
  • A critical comparison and contrast of two published papers.
  • An experimental study via implementation and simulation of a game/mechanism.
  • Theoretical analysis of a mechanism/type of game, which we have not covered in class and which has not been fully explored in the literature.

Do not worry about getting a novel research result, however try to go a little beyond just reading and summarizing the results of a published paper by thinking critically of its presentation or its potential extensions, its connection to related papers, etc.

Project Proposal

Please submit a proposal for your project by lecture 12. The proposal should include: potential topic, project group, some references and a brief description of the work plan.

Project Due Dates

We will have oral presentations of all projects in lectures 24 and 25, during the regular class time. Each presentation will be allotted 15 min with an extra couple of minutes for questions.

The final paper is due 2 days after lecture 25.