6.837 Computer Graphics

Fall 2003

A 3-D model of the number 6.837 with transparent numerals.
The course number, 6.837, rendered as 3-D transparent numerals. (Image courtesy of Robert Jagnow. Used with permission.)

Course Highlights

This course site features a complete set of lecture notes.

Course Description

6.837 offers an introduction to computer graphics hardware, algorithms, and software. Topics include: line generators, affine transformations, line and polygon clipping, splines, interactive techniques, perspective projection, solid modeling, hidden surface algorithms, lighting models, shading, and animation. Substantial programming experience is required. This course is worth 6 Engineering Design Points.

Technical Requirements

Any number of development tools can be used to compile and run the .C and .h files found on this course site. Any number of graphics applications can import the .obj files found on this course site. Please refer to the course materials for any specific instructions or recommendations.

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Prof. Frédo Durand
Prof. Barbara Cutler

Course Meeting Times

Two sessions / week
1.5 hours / session


Undergraduate / Graduate