Scheme software is required to run the .scm files in this section.

This section contains the problem sets assigned for the course. Some of the questions refer to problems in the course notes, which are handed out to students in class. The Scheme+ code needed to complete some of the assignments are provided below under "Supporting Files." Scheme+ is the MIT Scheme programming language, extended with datatype and pattern matching facilities.

Problem Set 1 (PDF) postfix.scm
Problem Set 2 (PDF) ps2.scm
Problem Set 3 (PDF)
Problem Set 4 (PDF) ps4.scm
Problem Set 5 (PDF)
Problem Set 6 (PDF) module-examples.scmrecon.scmrecon-test.scm
Problem Set 7 (PDF)
Problem Set 8 (PDF) closurize.scmfunrec.scm