This section provides a calendar of lecture topics for the course.


1 Molecules–the Simple Solid
2 Vibrational and Rotational States in Hydrogen
3 Metal As a Free Electron Gas
4 Vibrations in Solids
5 Specific Heat of Lattice Waves
8 Lattice Waves in 1D Monatomic Crystals
9 Lattice Waves in 1D with Diatmomic Basis
10 & 11 Specific Heat of Discrete Lattice
12 Electrons in a Periodic Solid
13 Electrons in a Periodic Solid
14 Electrons in a Periodic Solid
15 Electrons in a Periodic Solid
16 Nearly Free Electron Bands
17 Nearly Free Electron Bands (Part III)
18 Properties of Bloch Functions
19 Motion of Electronic Wavepackets
20 Impurity States
21 & 22 Semi Classical Equations of Motions & Electrons and Holes I
23 Effective Mass
24 Chemical Potential and Equilibrium
25 Chemical Potential and Non-equilibrium
26 Inhomogeneous Solids
27 Scattering of Bloch Functions
28 Electron-Phonon Scattering