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Hagelstein, Peter L., Stephen D. Senturia, and Terry P. Orlando. Introduction to Applied Quantum and Statistical Physics. New York, NY: Wiley, 2004. ISBN: 0471202762.


There will be about ten homework sets and two quiz-completion exercises (see also Quizzes below). Homework due dates vary and are listed on the Schedule. You may use any resource available on the homework, including textbooks, and you may work with other students in developing both insight and answers. However, you are required to write up your own final solutions and MATLAB® codes. Copying a solution from another student or from a previous problem solution is not permitted. As a precaution against any misunderstanding, we suggest that if you learn the solution to a problem from another source, whether printed or human, you identify the source on your homework paper.


There will be two one-hour quizzes in class.

Quiz Dates: Ses #16 and Ses #27.

One sheet of notes is permitted at the quizzes. After completing and turning in your Quiz paper, you will be given until the start of class on the Wednesday following the Quiz to write up complete Quiz solutions as a take-home exercise. Quiz grades will be computed as the average of your in-class score and your final completed score.

Final Exam

There will be a 3 hour final exam.


The instructors reserve the right to use judgment instead of formulae when assigning final grades.

Homework 1/3
Quizzes 1/3
Final Exam 1/3


The calendar below provides information on the course's lecture (L), recitation (R), and quiz (Q) sessions.

L1 Introduction: Classical and Quantum Mechanics Problem set 1 out
L2 Probability Amplitudes and Development of Quanta
R1 Fourier Transforms / MATLAB®
L3 Dispersion, Wavepackets

Problem set 2 out

Problem set 1 due

L4 Operators and Ehrenfest's Theorem
R2 Examples of Operators and Ehrenfest's Theorem
L5 Eigenfunctions, Eigenvalues, Superposition

Problem set 3 out

Problem set 2 due

L6 Finite Well and 1D Box
L7 Tunneling Barriers

Problem set 4 out

Problem set 3 due

L8 Simple Harmonic Oscillator
R3 Tunneling Examples, STM, SHO
L9 Raising and Lowering Operators

Problem set 5 out

Problem set 4 due

L10 LC Circuit & SHO Wavepackets
L11 WKB Approximation, Variational Method Problem set 5 due
L12 Finite Basis Set Approximation
Q1 Quiz 1
L13 Two-level System (dc Drive) Problem set 6 out
L14 Two-level System (cont.)
R4 Examples of Two-level Systems
L15 Two-level System: Dynamic Drive

Problem set 7 out

Problem set 6 due

L16 Coupled Systems
R5 Two-level Examples and Coupled System
L17 Coupled Systems

Problem set 8 out

Problem set 7 due

L18 2D and 3D; Density of States
R6 Examples and Periodic Boundary Conditions
L19 Quantization of the E and M Fields Problem set 8 due
Q2 Quiz 2
L20 Fermi's Golden Rule Problem set 9 out
L21 Statistical Physics
R7 Examples of Statistical Physics
L22 Statistical Physics II

Problem set 10 out

Problem set 9 due

R8 Thermionic Emission
L23 Metals and Semiconductors I Problem set 10 due
L24 Metals and Semiconductors II
R9 Examples of Metals and Semiconductors
L25 H-Atom I
L26 H-Atom II
R10 H-Atom Examples
L27 Summary
Final Exam