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This section provides links to chapters of Prof. David Staelin's draft textbook. The readings column refers to the relevant chapters and sections for each lecture. Supplementary readings are also provided below.

1 Introduction and Review 1 (PDF)
2 Review, Thermal Noise 2.1.1-2 (PDF)
3 3-D Thermal Noise, Shot N 2.1.3-4, 2.2.1 (PDF)
4 Receiver Power Sensitivity 2.2.2-3 (PDF)
5 Spectral Measurements, G, F 2.2.4-6, 2.3.1 (PDF)
6 Receiver Noise, Multiports 2.3.2-5 (PDF)
7 Mixers, Noise Reduction, PTs 2.3.6-7, 2.4.1 (PDF)
8 Optical Detection 2.4.2-5 (PDF)
9 Bolometers, Antenna Basics 2.4.6 (PDF), 3.1 (PDF)
10 Basic Wire Antennas, Arrays 3.2 (PDF)
11 Wire Antennas 3.2 (PDF)
12 Aperture Antennas 3.3 (PDF)
13 Polarization, Phase Errors 3.3 (PDF)
14 Binary Communications 4.1-4 (PDF)
Quiz 1 (Closed Book)
15 Channel Coding 4.5 (PDF)
16 Source Coding, Analog Basics 4.6-7 (PDF)
17 Analog Modulation 4.7-8 (PDF)
18 Aperture Synthesis 5.1 (PDF)
19 Interferometry 5.2 (PDF)
20 Basic Radar, Ambiguity 5.3 (PDF)
21 Synth. Aperture Radar (SAR) 5.4 (PDF), 6.1.1-2 (PDF)
22 Wave Propagation 3.4 (PDF)
23 Linear, Non-Linear Estimation 6.1.3-5 (PDF)
24 Non-Linear Estimation
Remote Sensing
Course Summary
6.2 (PDF)
Quiz #2 (Closed Book)

Supplementary Readings

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