6.661 Receivers, Antennas, and Signals

Spring 2003

Receivers, Antennas, and Signals course overview.
Course overview excerpted from Lecture 1. (Image by David Staelin.)

Course Highlights

This course site features a complete textbook and a full set of lecture notes.

Course Description

This course explores the detection and measurement of radio and optical signals encountered in communications, astronomy, remote sensing, instrumentation, and radar. Topics covered include: statistical analysis of signal processing systems, including radiometers, spectrometers, interferometers, and digital correlation systems; matched filters and ambiguity functions; communications channel performance; measurement of random electromagnetic fields, angular filtering properties of antennas, interferometers, and aperture synthesis systems; and radiative transfer and parameter estimation.


The preliminary written course materials presented here will hopefully be useful to others despite the residual errors.

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Prof. David Staelin

Course Meeting Times

Two sessions / week
1.5 hours / session