6.632 Electromagnetic Wave Theory (Spring 2003)
A graduate subject on electromagnetic wave theory, emphasizing mathematical approaches, problem solving, and physical interpretation. Topics include: waves in media, equivalence principle, duality and complementarity, Huygens' principle, Fresnel and Fraunhofer diffraction, dyadic Green's functions, Lorentz transformation, and Maxwell-Minkowski theory. Examples deal with limiting cases of Maxwell's theory and diffraction and scattering of electromagnetic waves.


Prof. J. A. Kong

Problem Sets: 34%

Quiz 1: 33%

Quiz 2: 33%
Late Homework Policy
Homeworks are due once a week on lecture day. The following describes the percentage of credit that will be given for late homework:
  • Turned in on due date : 100% (homework box in the class)
  • Turned in one day after the due date: 50%
  • Turned in late: 25%

Special cases should be discussed with your TA (preferably before the homework is officially due).