6.334 Power Electronics

Spring 2007

A bidirectional DC/DC converter for automotive applications.

A bidirectional DC/DC converter for automotive applications. (Image by David Perreault.)

Course Description

6.334 examines the application of electronics to energy conversion and control. Topics covered include: modeling, analysis, and control techniques; design of power circuits including inverters, rectifiers, and DC-DC converters; analysis and design of magnetic components and filters; and characteristics of power semiconductor devices. Numerous application examples will be presented such as motion control systems, power supplies, and radio-frequency power amplifiers. The course is worth 6 engineering design points.

Technical Requirements

Special software is required to use some of the files in this course: .lib, .slb, and .cir.

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Prof. David Perreault

Course Meeting Times

3 sessions / week
1.0 hour / session




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