6.302 Feedback Systems

Spring 2007

Photograph of magnetic levitation demonstration.
Magnetic levitation, demonstrated in this photograph, is the topic of one of the design project options. (Image courtesy of Dr. Kent Lundberg.)

Course Highlights

This course features a complete set of detailed handouts, which can be found in the recitations section.

Course Description

This course provides an introduction to the design of feedback systems. Topics covered include: properties and advantages of feedback systems, time-domain and frequency-domain performance measures, stability and degree of stability, root locus method, Nyquist criterion, frequency-domain design, compensation techniques, application to a wide variety of physical systems, internal and external compensation of operational amplifiers, modeling and compensation of power converter systems, and phase lock loops.

Technical Requirements

Special software is required to use some of the files in this course: .jar.

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Prof. James Roberge

Prof. Joel Dawson
Dr. Kent Lundberg

Course Meeting Times

Two sessions / week
2 hours / session

Two sessions / week
1 hour / session



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