The calendar below provides information on the course's lectures (L) and recitation (R) sessions.

L1 Introduction to Dynamic Systems and Control
Matrix Algebra
PS1 Out
R1 Linear Equations
L2 Least Square Error Solution of Overdetermined Systems
L3 Least Norm Solution of Underdetermined Systems PS1 Due
PS2 Out
R2 Least Squares
L4 Matrix Norms
Singular Value Decomposition
L5 Matrix Perturbation Problems PS2 Due
PS3 Out
L6 Dynamic Systems PS3 Due
PS4 Out
R4 Dynamic Models
L7 State-space Models
Linearity and Time Invariance
L8 Solutions of State-space Models PS4 Due
PS5 Out
R5 Jordan Form
L9 Similarity Transformations
Modes of LTI Systems
Laplace Transform
Transfer Functions
L10 Stability
Lyapunov Functions
PS5 Due
PS6 Out
R6 Lyapunov Methods
L11 Lyapunov’s Equation for LTI Systems PS6 Due
Test Review
In Class Mid-Term
L12 External I/O Stability PS7 Out
R7 I/O Stability
L13 Interconnected Systems
I/O Stability
L14 System Norms PS7 Due
PS8 Out
R8 Nyquist Stability
L15 Perfomance Measures in Feedback Control
L16 Small Gain Theorem
Stability Robustness
PS8 Due
PS9 Out
R9 Stability Robustness
L17 Stability Robustness (MIMO) PS9 Due
PS10 Out
R10 Stability Robustness with Structured Uncertainty
L18 Reachability — Basic Ideas
L19 Reachability — Standard and Canonical Forms, Modal Tests, etc. PS10 Due
PS11 Out
R11 Reachability
L20 Observability
L21 Minimality
Kalman Decomposition
PS11 Due
PS12 Out

State Feedback
Output Feedback
Multivariable Poles

L23 Minimality of Interconnections and Pole/Zero Cancellation PS12 Due
Test Review
L24 Conclusions Take-home Final Exam
(Exam must be submitted in 24 hours)