The course textbook is How to Think Like a Computer Scientist. [Note: The links on this page do not work in Internet Explorer. If you are using Internet Explorer, try the first edition of the textbook instead.]

If you have trouble accessing the textbook, try the individual chapters:

Chapter 1 – The Way of the Program

Chapter 2 – Variables, Expressions, and Statements

Chapter 3 – Functions

Chapter 4 – Conditionals

Chapter 5 – Fruitful Functions

Chapter 6 – Iteration

Chapter 7 – Strings

Chapter 8 – Case Study: Catch

Chapter 9 – Lists

Chapter 10 – Modules and Files

Chapter 11 – Recursion and Exceptions

Chapter 12 – Dictionaries

Chapter 13 – Classes and Objects

The lectures stick with the order of the textbook for the most part, but not always. You do not (yet) have to worry about learning or using GASP (Appendix B).


The Python Quick Reference (2.4) lists and explains all of Python's built-in functions and behavior.