Special software is required to use some of the files in this section: .jar, .java, .mf, .class and .xml.

A major component of 6.170 is the final project, counting for 35% of the student's total grade. Students work in teams, and all team members receive the same project grade. Although full collaboration on all aspects of the final project is permitted, every member of the team is expected to contribute a roughly equal share to the design and implementation. Each team may enter its final project implementation into a class contest for an award.


Gizmoball is a customizable pinball game.

Gizmoball (PDF)

Amendment and Errata (PDF)

Provided Source Code

gizmo.jar (JAR) (The JAR file contains: 31 .class files, 15 .java files, and 1 .mf file.) (JAVA) (JAVA) (JAVA)
example.xml (XML)
gb_level.xml (XML)
gb_level-amendment-FT05.xml (XML)

RSS Reader

An RSS Reader is an application that aggregates feeds syndicated in the RSS format. See the project handout for a complete description of the RSS project.

RSS Reader (PDF)

Amendment and Errata (PDF)