Lab Assistant (LA) Lab Hour Policy

LAs hold LA Lab Hours in designated clusters so you can talk to them in person. Time permitting, they will also monitor the course online discussion forum while on duty, but will give priority to students who visit them in person. Since people who physically go to clusters will take precedence, please don't feel rejected if a question you raise on the zephyr instance isn't promptly answered.

Feel free to talk to the LAs or use the instance when there is an aspect of JavaTM syntax you don't understand or when there's a compile-time or run-time error you're having trouble with.

Please try to respect the LAs and your fellow students by first attempting to solve the problem yourself. For instance, please do not ask questions like, "What parameters does this method take?" that you can easily look up yourself.

There is no such thing as a stupid question, but there are lazy ones. Aside from that, please don't hesitate to ask the LAs questions; that's what they're there for!

Please respect the fact that LAs may be online - they may even helpfully answer a question or two - when they are not on duty. Please do not take advantage of the LAs' generosity by imposing on them during their off-duty hours. (Check the LA lab hours and/or ask whether the LA is on duty before bombarding the LA with questions.)

Finally, if you have any administrative or conceptual questions, please consult your TA during their office hours instead.

Lab Assistant (LA) Lab Hours

Please read the LA Lab Hours Policy above before consulting an LA. Thank you. (Short version: Questions asked in person take precedence over the zephyr instance, so expect delays on zephyr. Also, there are no stupid questions, but there are lazy questions. Please feel free to consult the LAs, but only after you've at least spent some effort to solve the problem on your own. Thanks.)

Note: LA hours are subject to change with little notice, so please double-check before heading off to the cluster!