The Mark I Project closes with a 15-minute-long group presentation and a written report from your group. The Final Project closes with a final 15-minute-long group presentation of the project in the last week of class, and a written report that is due on the last day of classes. The Mark I and Final Project reports and presentations are group efforts.

Again, all assigned work must be handed in to receive a grade.

Exemplary Final Student Project

Ferrofluid Drops: Studying Ferrofluids with High Speed Video (PDF) (Courtesy of Arun Agarwal, Elizabeth Reid, Ian Brelinsky, and Yun Ji.  Used with permission.)

Final Projects from Past Years

Variable Speed Bullet Photography

Ballistic Kevlar Tested Under Strobe Light

A Method of Lens Evaluation

Glass Breaking Patterns

Big Water Drops

An Exploration of Methods for Photographing Flying Insects

Reciprocity Failure

Automatic Triggering of Strobe Lamp for High Speed Objects

The Laser Velocimeter

Scotchlite and Silhouette Photography

Streak Photography of Breaking Boards

An Attempt to Build and Test a Flash Lamp

Infra-Red Systems for Monitoring Film Development

Heat Flow Analysis Using the Schlieren Optical System

PVC Impact Photography

Optical Triggering and Compression Studies

Video Astronomy-Celestial Objects Captured with an Ultra Sensitive Video Camera

Measuring Gravity Using a Pendulum and Streak Photography

Measuring Water Drop Properties Using Streak and Multiflash Photography Faster Than a Speeding Bullet

Bullet Velocity Measurement Techniques

Momentum and Friction of a Pool Table

Measuring the Velocity of a Bullet using a Ballistic Pendulum

Photographing the Analemma

Using Silhouette Photography to Measure the Speed of Water Waves

Can a Ball Rise Faster than it Falls?

Electronic Panoramic View

Determination of Surface Characteristics of a Non-Newtonian Fluid

Falling Golf Balls

Terminal Velocity of Large Water Drops

Measuring the Velocity of Cracks in Glass

Speed of Bullets

Creating an Effective Strain GageTrigger for Studies of Breaking Glass

Muzzle Velocity and Impact Force of a Paintball Charge

Turn-On Characteristics of an Incandescent Bulb

The Curve Ball from a Batter's Perspective

Computerized Exposure Wand for Printing in the Darkroom

How a BB Breaks a Window

Effect of Shape on Energy Transfer for an Object Dropped into a Fluid

A Strobe Color Mixing Wheel

Effect of Viscosity on Splash Characteristics

An Improved Method for Fluorescence Photography of Chlorophyll

Study of Skipping Stones

High Speed Video Study of Propeller Cavitation

Using Spectroscopy and Filters to Photograph Camouflaged Subjects

Analysis of a Pole Vault

Analysis of a Volleyball Set

Analysis of Baseball Pitching (Fastball and Curve) using High Speed Video, Image Capture, Motion Analysis

3-D Schlieren and High Speed Photography, Including 3-D Position Determination

Vibration of Hammer Bone in a Cat's Ear

Film Color Analysis and Spectral Quantification

Sound-induced Vibration and Breaking of a Wine Glass with Different Fluids

The DigiStrobe -- a Windows®-based Versatile Strobe Controller

Photography with Crossed Polarizers for Stress Analysis

Experimental Investigation of the Jacob's Ladder

Fluorescence Spectroscopy and Photography of Sand Shrimp

A Strobe Clock

Comparative Analysis of Fortepiano and Modern Grand Piano Key Mechanisms

Failure Modes of Concrete and Plexiglass

Blowing the Maximal Bubble

Predicting Op Amp Failure using Schlieren Imaging

Dynamics of a Spherical Mass in an Air Stream

Kirlian Photography