The calendar below provides information on the lectures and labs for the course.

1 Introduction to Strobe Photography

BCPS Equation, Lens Equation and Magnification

Synch and Delay

What Makes a Good Team Member?
Lab 1: Synch and Delay
2 Macro Lenses, Field of View

How to Write a Lab Report?
3 Light Measurement - Units and Methods

Practical Exercise (Solo)
4 Project Planning

In-class Project-planning Exercise
5 Evaluate Project Plans from Last Class

Photographs under Mixed Lighting (i.e., Flash and Continuous Light)

What Makes Good Multiflash?

GN for Multiflash, Background/Subject Contrast, Separation and Overexposure
Lab 2: Stroboscopy
6 Review Lab Reports

In-class Generation of Project Ideas for Multiflash - Plan Multiflash
7 Overview of HSV (High Speed Video); Shadowgraphs; Past Final Lab 3: Multiflash
8 Schlieren Photography

Edgerton Slide Show
9 Edgerton Video

Meet in Lab Groups and Brainstorm Potential Final Projects
10 Brainstorm Potential Final Projects (cont.) Lab 4: HSV (High Speed Video) Each student emails 2 final project concepts to teacher (one day after Lec #10)
11 Evaluate Final Project Ideas
12 How to Select a Mark 1 Project Lab 5: Bullet Photography Homework distributed
13 In-class Planning of Mark 1 Project
14 Presentation Tips Mark I Project
15 Strobe Circuits and Strobe Process Homework due
16 Mark I Oral Reports (First 3 Lab Groups) Mark I Project (cont.)
17 Mark I Oral Reports (cont.) (Last 3 Lab Groups) Mark I written reports due one day after Lec #17
18 Return and Review Homework Final Project
19 Quiz
20 Guest Lecture - Motion Analysis from High-speed Video Records
21 Blackbody Emission vs. Line Emission Final Project (cont.)
22 Other Strobe Applications
23 Guest Lecture - Life as a High-speed Imaging Consultant Final Project (cont.)
24 Derive BCPS Equation, HKN Evaluation
25 Final Project Presentations (First 3 Groups) Presentations
26 Final Project Presentations (cont.) (Last 3 Groups) Written component of final project due