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Most of the assigned readings for the course are taken from the textbook:

Winston, Patrick H. Artificial Intelligence. 3rd ed. Reading, MA: Addison-Wellsley, 1992. ISBN: 0201533774.

Readings by Session

1 What is AI?
2 Symbolic Integration
3 Goals and Rules Chapter 3, pp. 53-60.
4 Basic Search Chapter 4
5 Optimal Search Chapter 5
Quiz 1
6 Games Chapter 6
7 Genetic Algorithms Chapter 25
8 Constraints in Drawings Chapter 12
9 Constraints in Maps and Schedules
10 Learning to Recognize Objects Chapter 26
11 Frames and Representation Chapter 9
Quiz 2
12 Nearest Neighbor Learning Chapter 19
13 Identification Tree Learning Chapter 21
14 Neural Net Learning Neural Net Notes (PDF)
15 Self-organizing Maps
16 Support-vector Machines Handout (PDF)
Quiz 3
17 Boosting Schapire, Robert. "The Boosting Approach to Machine Learning An Overview." MSRI Workshop on Nonlinear Estimation and Classification, 2002.
18 Learning From Near Misses Chapter 16
19 Learning Phonological Rules Yip, Kenneth, and Gerald J. Sussman. "Sparse Representations for Fast, One-Shot Learning." Proceedings of AAAI'97, July 1997.
20 Architectures for Intelligence and Are We Just Rats with Big Brains
Quiz 4
21 Guest Lecturer (Michael Coen) - Cross-modal Clustering and Birdsongs Coen, Michael. "Self-Supervised Acquisition of Vowels in American English." To appear in Proceedings of AAAI'06, 2006.
22 Farewell Summary; Comments on Grading and Final