Scheme software is required to run the .scm files in this section.

This course includes several major programming projects. Students use the 6.001 computing facility or a personal computer to complete the projects. Project sources, including project description and related code, are listed below.


What is the 6.001 policy on collaborative work? (PDF)

How should I write up my projects? (PDF)

Project Sources

projects supporting files
Project 0 (PDF)
Project 1 (PDF) Code to load, basebot.scm (SCM)
Project 2 (PDF) Code to load, prisoner.scm (SCM)
Project 3 (PDF) Code to load, search.scm (SCM)
Code to load, generate.scm (SCM)
Project 4 (PDF) Code to load, objsys.scm (SCM)
Code to load, objtypes.scm (SCM)
Code to load, setup.scm (SCM)
Project 5 (PDF) Code to load, meval.scm (SCM)
Code to load, syntax.scm (SCM)
Code to load, environment.scm (SCM)