14.451 Macroeconomic Theory I

Spring 2007

Real GDP per capita for G8 countries from 1950 to 2000.

Real GDP per capita in current prices for G8 countries from 1950-2000. (Image by MIT OCW. Data from Alan Heston, Robert Summers and Bettina Aten, Penn World Table Version 6.1, Center for International Comparisons at the University of Pennsylvania (CICUP), October 2002.)

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This course features an extensive readings list and practice exams.

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Introduction to the theories of economic growth. Topics will include basic facts of economic growth and long-run economic development; brief overview of optimal control theory and dynamic programming; basic neoclassical growth model under a variety of market structures; human capital and economic growth; endogenous growth models; models with endogenous technology; models of directed technical change; competition, market structure and growth; financial and economic development; international trade and economic growth; institutions and economic development. This is a half-term subject. The class size is limited.

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Special software is required to use some of the files in this course: .m.

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Prof. George-Marios Angeletos

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