12.110 Sedimentary Geology

Spring 2007

Cross-stratification of 3-D dunes in unidirectional flows.
Block diagram of cross-stratification produced by 3-D dunes in unidirectional flows. (Image by Prof. John Southard.)

Course Description

Survey of the important aspects of modern sediments and ancient sedimentary rocks. Emphasis is on fundamental materials, features, and processes. Textures of siliciclastic sediments and sedimentary rocks: particle size, particle shape, and particle packing. Mechanics of sediment transport. Survey of siliciclastic sedimentary rocks: sandstones, conglomerates, and shales. Carbonate sediments and sedimentary rocks; cherts; evaporites. Siliciclastic and carbonate diagenesis. Paleontology, with special reference to fossils in sedimentary rocks. Modern and ancient depositional environments. Stratigraphy. Sedimentary basins. Fossil fuels: coal, petroleum.
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Prof. John Southard

Course Meeting Times

Two sessions / week
2 hours / session