The calendar below provides information on course's lecture (Lec) and lab (Lab) sessions.

Lec 1 Introduction
Lab 1 Doctor Strangelove
Lec 2 Fictions of War, Philosophy of War, History of War
Lab 2 Ran

Air Force
Lec 3 WWII: Code Wars
Lab 3 Akira
Lab 4 Rumsfeld's War
Lec 5 The New War Machines

Guest Speaker: Owen Cote, Associate Director of Security Studies at MIT
Lab 5 Eternal War Research Topics: Discussion of Final Papers and Projects

Control Room
Lec 6 History of War Technologies/War Games
Lab 6 War Games
Lec 7 First-Person Shooters
Lab 7 The Fog of War
Lec 8 Virtuous War

Guest Speaker: James der Derian
Lab 8 Virtual War

After 9/11

Wag the Dog
Lec 9 Man Machines: Race and War

Guest Speakers: Director Reggie Hudlin and Comic Artist Kyle Baker, Birth of a Nation Comic Book Project
Lab 9 Birth of a Nation and Hearts of the World
Lec 10 21 Century War: The War in Iraq and the Branding of Terrorism
Lab 10 Battle of Algiers
Lec 11 Project Presentations
Lab 11 Project Presentations (cont.)
Lec 12 Project Presentations (cont.)
Lab 12 Project Presentations (cont.)