Course Description

This graduate seminar is a 6 unit subject that is taught in a lecture and lab exercise format. The subject matter is tailored to introduce Environmental Engineering students to the use and potential of Geographic Information Systems in their discipline. Lectures will cover the general concepts of GIS use and introduce the material in the exercises and exercises will introduce students to the practical application of GIS. Lab exercises will frequently run past the class hours and students are expected to complete the exercises before the next class. There will be readings from related resources which will be announced in class.

Students will use ArcGIS 8.3 during the term. This software is available to MIT students, but outside users will have to purchase it here.


Prof. Daniel Sheehan, Spatial Data Specialist in Academic Computing, MIT Information Systems.


The lecture and lab will be offered twice a week. It will consist of a lecture followed by a lab exercise, which will be completed outside of class.


Questions based on the lab exercises will be due every week. Attendance is mandatory. Students will take an in class final exam that will have practical as well as theoretical questions. There will be a group project.


Grading will be based on the following:

Attendance 20%
Lab Exercises 30%
Final Exam 20%
Project 30%