This class contains lectures and lab sessions with instruction in how to use GIS software. Any references to 'Athena' refer to MIT's campus-wide, UNIX® based computing environment, on which the GIS software is run. The GIS software is not provided on this site.

The lab exercises from the class, which focus on GIS software, are presented here.

Lab 1.1 - First Class Exercise (PDF)

Lab 1.2 - Introduction to ArcGIS (PDF)

Lab 2.1 - Creating and Editing Shapefiles in ArcGIS (PDF)

Lab 2.2 - Finding and Using Spatial Data (PDF)

Lab 3.1 - Map Layout Exercises (PDF - 1.0 MB)

Lab 3.2 - Using Handhelds with GPS Data (PDF)

Lab 4.1 - Working with Map Projections in ArcGIS (PDF)

Lab 4.2 - Projection Exercises (PDF)

Lab 5.1 - Working with Digital Elevation Models in ArcGIS (PDF)

Lab 6.1 - Using the Stock Hydrology Tools in ArcGIS (PDF)

Lab 7.1 - Site Selection with Vector Data (PDF)

Lab 8.1 - Cost Distance and Cost Path Analysis (PDF)