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The readings listed in the table below are intended as secondary references, and are taken from the following textbook:

Amazon logo Fischer, Hugo B., John E. List, C. Robert Koh, Jorg Imberger, and Norman H. Brooks. Mixing in Inland and Coastal Waters. Burlington, MA: Academic Press, 1979. ISBN: 0122581504.

Supplemental Readings

1 Introduction
2-3 Molecular Diffusion

Random Walk Processes

Application to Solar Ponds
Chapter 2
4-6 Turbulent Advection and Diffusion

1-, 2-, and 3-D Models of Concentration Distributions from Point, Line, and Plane Sources

Instantaneous and Continuous Discharges

Applications to Water and Air Pollution
Chapters 3 and 5
7-8 Spatial Averaging

Longitudinal Dispersion in Steady and Unsteady Flows

Applications to Rivers
Chapter 4
9-11 Mixing in Estuaries and Embayments

Tidal Motion, Salinity Intrusion

Flushing and Residence Time Concepts

Field Tracer Studies
Chapters 7 and 8
12 First Quiz
13 Reactor Tanks (Fully Mixed, Dispersed Flow, and Plug Flow)

Models of Reservoirs and Ponds

14-15 Initial Mixing (Jets and Plumes; Ocean Outfalls)

Chapter 9
16-17 Surface Boundary Processes: Exchange of Mass, Momentum, and Thermal Energy

Thermal Stratification in Lakes and Reservoirs

Models of Oil Spill Trajectory

Gas Exchange
Chapter 6
18-19 Bottom Boundary Processes: Sediment Erosion/Deposition

Discrete and Flocculant Settling

Sorption Processes

Sediment-Water Exchange
20-21 Carbon, Nutrient, and Oxygen Cycles

Dissolved Oxygen in Rivers and Estuaries
22-23 Numerical Models of Hydrodynamics and Water Quality and their Linkage in 1-, 2-, and 3-D

Model Selection/Assessment

Case Studies
24 Second Quiz
25-26 Student Presentations

Supplemental Readings

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