1.561 Motion Based Design

Fall 2003

Skyscraper. (Photo © openphoto.net.)

Course Highlights

This course site features a collection of interactive Java® tools and extensive readings.

Course Description

This course presents a rational basis for the preliminary design of motion-sensitive structures. Topics covered include: analytical and numerical techniques for establishing the optimal stiffness distribution, the role of damping in controlling motion, tuned mass dampers, base isolation systems, and active structural control. Examples illustrating the application of the motion-based design paradigm to building structures subjected to seismic excitation are discussed.

Technical Requirements

Java® Virtual Machine software (automatically installed in most major web browsers) is required to run the .class files found on this course site. Java® plug-in software is required to run the Java® files found on this course site.

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Prof. Jerome Connor

Course Meeting Times

Two sessions / week
1.5 hours / session