1.203J / 6.281J / 15.073J / 16.76J / ESD.216J Logistical and Transportation Planning Methods

Fall 2004

Illustration for logistical and transportation planning methods.

Illustration for Logistical and Transportation Planning Methods. (Image courtesy of Elaine Chew.)

Course Highlights

This course features a complete set of assignments, exams, and lecture notes, as well as a link to the on line textbook in the syllabus.

Course Description

The class will cover quantitative techniques of Operations Research with emphasis on applications in transportation systems analysis (urban, air, ocean, highway, pick-up and delivery systems) and in the planning and design of logistically oriented urban service systems (e.g., fire and police departments, emergency medical services, emergency repair services). It presents a unified study of functions of random variables, geometrical probability, multi-server queueing theory, spatial location theory, network analysis and graph theory, and relevant methods of simulation. There will be discussion focused on the difficulty of implementation, among other topics.

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Prof. Arnold Barnett
Prof. Richard Larson
Prof. Amedeo Odoni




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