Lecture Notes

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All guest lectures are courtesy of the person named, and are used with permission.

1 L1 Subject introduction, resume writing (PDF) E. Adams
S1 The MIT career services D. Rosencrans
2 L2 Technical writing (PDF) E. Adams and D. Levey
L3 Project evaluation 1 (PDF) E. Adams
S2 Boston's water distribution system as a black box: impact on water quality and effect of ozone W. Sung (MWRA)
3 L4 Getting work (PDF 1) (PDF 2) W. Vicens (CDM) and P. Shanahan
L5 Oral presentation E. Adams
S3 Mullholland's dream Video: Amazon logo Cadillac Desert: Mulholland's Dream (Water and the Transformation of Nature)
4 L6 Project evaluation 2; in-class discussion A. Chow and E. Adams
S4 Integrated engineering design and construction J. P. Chakar (Buro Happold)
5 L7 Project management 1 (PDF) C. Ho (Arup)
L8 Project evaluation 3 (PDF - 1.4 MB) S. Murcott
S5 Issues in the structural engineering of tall buildings R. McNamara (McNamara/Salvia)
6 L9 Project management 2 (PDF) C. Ho (Arup)
S6 Live design: mitigating extreme events G. Dasgupta (Columbia University)
7 L10 Job placement (PDF 1) (PDF 2) D. Orton (VHB) and M. Wiseheart (PowerAdvocate)
L11 Project management 3 E. Adams
S7 Water reclamation and recycling projects in California M. Van Horne (RMC Water and Environmental)
8 L12 Engineering and construction industry 1 (PDF) C. Helliwell
L13 Engineering and construction industry 2 (PDF) C. Helliwell
S8 Mulch biowalls for enhanced bioremediation J. Travers (Parsons)
9 L14 Chase an engineer; group discussion E. Adams
L15 Engineering and construction industry 3 C. Helliwell
S9 Green buildings at MIT; presentations W. Henry
10 L16 Negotiation 1 A. Chow and E. Adams
L17 Negotiation 2 E. Adams and A. Chow
S10 Expectations for a structural engineering graduate E. Nelson
11 L18 Professional ethics 1: basis for decision making; student skits (PDF) E. Adams
S11 The first steps after a failure D. Peraza (Exponent)
12 L19 Professional ethics 2: student debates on case studies E. Adams and A. Chow
S12 Untitled D. Farnsworth (Arup)
S13 Final proposals (to client); student presentations
13 L20 Student presentations (cont.)