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Amazon logo Text: Horstmann, Cay. Big Java®: Programming and Practice. New York, NY: Wiley, 2001. ISBN: 0471402486.


Amazon logo NR: Press, William, Saul Teukolsky, William Vetterling. Numerical Recipes in C: The Art of Scientific Computing. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press, 1992. ISBN: 0521437202.

The following table contains readings from the required and optional text books.

Ses # Topics Readings
Control and Scope
L1 Course Overview, Introduction to Java®
L2 Interactive Development Environment: Eclipse Text: 1.1-1.10
L3 Data Types, Operators Text: 3.1-3.9
R1 Tutorial 1: Introduction to 1.00
L4 Control Structures Text: 5.1-5.4
L5 Control Structures II Text: 6.1-6.4
L6 Methods, Scope Text: 7.1-7.5, 7.8-7.9
R2 Tutorial 2: Data Types, Operators, Control Structures
Classes and Objects
L7 Classes Text: 2.1-2.5
L8 Classes II Text: 2.6-2.11
L9 Access Text: 7.8-7.9
R3 Tutorial 3: Methods, Scope, Classes, Objects
L10 Static Members Text: 7.6-7.7
L11 Arrays, Arraylists Text: 13.4-13.7
L12 Recursion Text: 17.1-17.3, 17.5
R4 Tutorial 4: Access, Static, Arrays, Arraylists
Inheritance and Interfaces
L13 Inheritance Text: 11.1-11.4
Q1 Quiz I
L14 Inheritance II Text: 11.5-11.6
R5 Tutorial 5: Recursion and Inheritance
L15 Interfaces
L16 Exceptions and Inner Classes Text: 14.1-14.6, review 9.3
Graphical User Interfaces
L17 Introduction to Swing Text: 4.1-4.10
R6 Tutorial 6: Abstract Classes, Interfaces, and Problem Set 5
L18 Swing Event Model Text: 12.1-12.6
L19 Swing Event Model II Text: 10.1-10.6, 9.5
L20 Model-View-Controller
R7 Tutorial 7: Swing I
L21 2D API, Applets Text: review 4.3-4.10
Numerical Methods
L22 Matrix Methods NR: 32-36
L23 Linear Systems NR: 37-42
L24 Integration, Differential Equations NR: 129-139
L25 Root Finding NR: 347-368
R8 Tutorial 8: 2D API, Model-View-Controller, Applets, Matrices and Linear Systems (1)
Data Structures
L26 Stacks and Queues Text: 19.4
R9 Tutorial 9: Matrices, Integration, Root Finding
L27 Linked Lists Text: 19.1-19.3
Q2 Quiz II
L28 Trees Text: 20.5
R10 Tutorial 10: Linked List
L29 Graphs, Networks
Java® I/O (Streams)
L30 Streams Text: 15.1-15.4
L31 Streams II Text: 15.5-15.7
Sorting and Searching
L32 Searching: Hashing Text: 20.1-20.4
L33 Sorting Algorithms Text: 18.1-18.3
R11 Tutorial 11: Trees, Streams, Problem Set 10
L34 Sorting Algorithms II
Threads and the Web
L35 Threads Text: 21.1-21.3
L36 Threads II Text: 21.4
L37 Java® and the Web Text: 4.2, 22.1-22.6
Q3 Final Exam