The calendar below provides information on the course's lecture (L), recitation (R), and quiz (Q) sessions.

Ses # Topics Key Dates
Control and Scope
L1 Course Overview, Introduction to Java® Problem set 0 out
L2 Interactive Development Environment: Eclipse Problem set 0 due

Problem set 1 out
L3 Data Types, Operators
R1 Tutorial 1: Introduction to 1.00
L4 Control Structures
L5 Control Structures II Problem set 1 due

Problem set 2 out
L6 Methods, Scope
R2 Tutorial 2: Data Types, Operators, Control Structures
Classes and Objects
L7 Classes
L8 Classes II Problem set 2 due

Problem set 3 out
L9 Access
R3 Tutorial 3: Methods, Scope, Classes, Objects
L10 Static Members
L11 Arrays, Arraylists Problem set 3 due

Problem set 4 out
L12 Recursion
R4 Tutorial 4: Access, Static, Arrays, Arraylists
Inheritance and Interfaces
L13 Inheritance
Q1 Quiz I
L14 Inheritance II
R5 Tutorial 5: Recursion and Inheritance
L15 Interfaces
L16 Exceptions and Inner Classes Problem set 4 due

Problem set 5 out
Graphical User Interfaces
L17 Introduction to Swing
R6 Tutorial 6: Abstract Classes, Interfaces, and Problem Set 5
L18 Swing Event Model
L19 Swing Event Model II Problem set 5 due

Problem set 6 out
L20 Model-View-Controller
R7 Tutorial 7: Swing I
L21 2D API, Applets
Numerical Methods
L22 Matrix Methods Problem set 6 due

Problem set 7 out
L23 Linear Systems
L24 Integration, Differential Equations
L25 Root Finding Problem set 7 due

Problem set 8 out
R8 Tutorial 8: 2D API, Model-View-Controller, Applets, Matrices and Linear Systems (1)
Data Structures
L26 Stacks and Queues
R9 Tutorial 9: Matrices, Integration, Root Finding
L27 Linked Lists
Q2 Quiz II
L28 Trees
R10 Tutorial 10: Linked List
L29 Graphs, Networks Problem set 8 due

Problem set 9 out
Java® I/O (Streams)
L30 Streams
L31 Streams II
Sorting and Searching
L32 Searching: Hashing Problem set 9 due

Problem set 10 out
L33 Sorting Algorithms
R11 Tutorial 11: Trees, Streams, Problem Set 10
L34 Sorting Algorithms II
Threads and the Web
L35 Threads Problem set 10 due
L36 Threads II
L37 Java® and the Web
Q3 Final Exam