5.36 Biochemistry Laboratory

Spring 2009

Gleevec molecule inside purple ribbons of enzyme.

Gleevec bound to the Abl kinase domain. (PDB ID: 1IEP. Nagar, B., W. Bornmann, P. Pellicena, T. Schindler, D. R. Veach, W. T. Miller, B. Clarkson, J. Kuriyan. "Crystal Structures of the Kinase Domain of c-Abl in Complex with the Small Molecule Inhibitors PD173955 and Imatinib." Cancer Research. 62 (2002): 4236-4243. Image by Elizabeth Vogel Taylor.)


Course Description

The course, which spans two thirds of a semester, provides students with a research-inspired laboratory experience that introduces standard biochemical techniques in the context of investigating a current and exciting research topic, acquired resistance to the cancer drug Gleevec. Techniques include protein expression, purification, and gel analysis, PCR, site-directed mutagenesis, kinase activity assays, and protein structure viewing.

This class is part of the new laboratory curriculum in the MIT Department of Chemistry. Undergraduate Research-Inspired Experimental Chemistry Alternatives (URIECA) introduces students to cutting edge research topics in a modular format.

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Dr. Elizabeth Vogel Taylor

Course Meeting Times

6 sessions over 8 weeks
1 hour / session

2 sessions / week
4 hours / session