5.32 Intermediate Chemical Experimentation

Spring 2003

A threading core in RasMol.
A threading core in RasMol.  (Image courtesy of National Center for Biotechnology Information.)

Course Highlights

This course features complete descriptions of experiments conducted by students in the course.

Course Description

5.32 involves more advanced experimental work than 5.310 or 5.311. The course emphasizes organic synthesis assisted by chiral catalysis, purification, and analysis of organic compounds employing such methods as IR, 1D and 2D NMR, UV spectroscopies and mass spectrometry, and thin layer and non-chiral and chiral gas chromatography. In 5.32, experiments also involve enzyme purification, characterization and assays, as well as molecular modeling in organic synthesis and in biochemical systems.



The experiments described in these materials are potentially hazardous and require a high level of safety training, special facilities and equipment, and supervision by appropriate individuals. You bear the sole responsibility, liability, and risk for the implementation of such safety procedures and measures. MIT shall have no responsibility, liability, or risk for the content or implementation of any of the material presented.

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Prof. Alexander Klibanov

Laboratory Director:
Dr. Mircea Gheorghiu

Course Meeting Times

Two sessions / week
1 hour / session

Open hours for the entire semester