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Spring 2005

Wind turbines at Tehachapi, California.
Wind turbines at Tehachapi, California. (Image courtesy of the  U.S. Department of Energy, from their Digital Archive.)

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This course features a selection of lecture notes and a complete set of assignments.

Course Description

The assessment of current and potential future energy systems is covered in this course and includes topics on resources, extraction, conversion, and end-use, with emphasis on meeting regional and global energy needs in the 21st century in a sustainable manner. Different renewable and conventional energy technologies will be presented and their attributes described within a framework that aids in evaluation and analysis of energy technology systems in the context of political, social, economic, and environmental goals.

Detailed information on the course textbook can be found here: Tester, J. W., E. M. Drake, M. W. Golay, M. J. Driscoll, and W. A. Peters. Sustainable Energy - Choosing Among Options. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2005. ISBN: 0262201534.

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Dr. Elisabeth Drake
Prof. Michael Golay
Prof. Jefferson Tester

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Three sessions / week
1 hour / session

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