10.34 Numerical Methods Applied to Chemical Engineering

Fall 2006

Temperature profile of a Newtonian fluid flowing through a pipe.
Temperature profile for heat conduction and convection of a Newtonian fluid with known velocity profile flowing through a pipe. The right axis is pipe length in meters; the left axis is radius in centimeters; and the vertical axis is temperature in Kelvin. This solution was generated in MATLAB using a finite difference method. See Problem Set 8 for an explanation. (Image courtesy of Professor Green.)

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This course features lecture notes and a complete set of assignments with solutions.

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Numerical methods for solving problems arising in heat and mass transfer, fluid mechanics, chemical reaction engineering, and molecular simulation. Topics: numerical linear algebra, solution of nonlinear algebraic equations and ordinary differential equations, solution of partial differential equations (e.g. Navier-Stokes), numerical methods in molecular simulation (dynamics, geometry optimization). All methods are presented within the context of chemical engineering problems. Familiarity with structured programming is assumed. The examples will use MATLAB®.


The instructor would like to thank Robert Ashcraft, Sandeep Sharma, David Weingeist, and Nikolay Zaborenko for their work in preparing materials for this course site.

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