9.601J / 24.949J Language Acquisition I

Spring 2002

A researcher trying to determine when a child acquires the ability to perceive incorrect speech.
This cartoon depicts a typical experiment in which a researcher is trying to determine when a child acquires the ability to perceive incorrect speech, even though the child cannot produce correct speech. (Image by Dr. Orin Percus.)

Course Highlights

The course consists of lectures on the fundamentals of first language acquisition over a variety of topics, especially in relation to linguistic theory. The topics covered will include syntax, semantics and phonology in development. Lecture notes from two of the course's key lectures are included.

Course Description

Lectures, reading, and discussion of current theory and data concerning the psychology and biology of language acquisition. Emphasizes learning of syntax and morphology, together with some discussion of phonology, and especially research relating grammatical theory and learnability theory to empirical studies of children.

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Prof. Ken Wexler

Course Meeting Times

One session / week
3 hours / session