This course has 2 substantial written assignments.

First Assignment

Read the paper cited below and write a report describing the essence of the paper. You must also do a bit of research and write about what has happened in the field since the paper was published. The paper is due by Lec #12, and there will be a 10% penalty for reports submitted late. Paper:

Oyster, C. W., and H. B. Barlow. "Direction-Selective Units in Rabbit Retina: Distribution of Preferred Directions." Science 155 (1967): 841-842.

Second Assignment

In five pages or less, please speculate on why implants placed in the cochlear nucleus (auditory brainstem implants) have restored hearing less effectively than implants placed in the inner ear (cochlear implants). Base your speculations on material presented in class and class readings. The paper is due by Lec #23.