1 Introduction to Psychology and to 9.00. Psychology as Reverse-Engineering. Computation, Evolution, and Specialization as Themes
2 & 3 Major Approaches. Dualism Versus Materialism. Two Early Approaches: Psychoanalysis (Freud); Behaviorism (Skinner). Components of the Modern Approach Short Assignment Due in Section


Evolution and Genetics. Where Life and Mind Come From. How Genes Do and Don't Cause Behavior
5 Ethics & Politics of Biology of Mind. Social Darwinism, Eugenics, Race, Sex, Social Change, Personal Responsibility
6 & 7


The Brain. The Major Parts of the Brain and What They are For. Neurons, Neural Circuits, and Elementary Information Processing Short Assignment (Paper Preview) Due in Section
8 & 9 Perception: Visual Scene Analysis, Object Recognition, Auditory Scene Analysis, Depth Perception, Stereo Vision, Stereograms First Writing Assignment Due in Section
10 Cognitive Processes. Attention, Memory, Consciousness
11 Concepts & Reasoning. Concepts, Categories, & Stereotypes. Deductive and Probabilistic Reasoning Second Writing Assignment Due in Section
12 Language. Language as a Module; Language vs. Thought; Politically Correct Language; How Language Works


13 Review for Mid-Term. Highly Recommended
14 Mid-Term Exam
15 Development. Maturation & Cognitive Development. Intuitive Physics, Psychology, Biology
16 & 17 Emotions. Fear, Disgust, Gratitude, Anger, Guilt, Passion
18 Kin & Socialization. Kin Selection, Parents & Offspring, Socialization and Personality Development
19 & 20 Love and Sex. Sexual Selection, Attraction, Beauty, Commitment, Conflict, Sexual Politics
21 Cooperation and Competition: Groups; Friendship; Aggression
22 Cooperation and Competition (continued)
23 The Self and Others. Self-Deception, Self-Presentation, Cognitive Dissonance
24 & 25 Higher Callings. Art, Literature, Humor, Happiness, Religion Third Writing Assignment Due in Section
26 Review, Questions, Controversies, Other Topics of Interest