Lecture Notes

The lecture notes linked below are from the Fall 2003 version of this course. The lecture notes were created by Prof. King unless otherwise noted.

1 Introduction to the problem (PDF)

Side-chain review

Sulfur redox chemistry

3 The Anfinsen experiments (PDF)

Globular protein structure

Protein interiors

5 Using the Protein database (PDB) (PDF - 2.5 MB) (Courtesy of Prof. David Gossard)
6 Helix-helix packing in globular proteins (PDF)


Beta-sheet packing

8 Experimental techniques: circular dichroism

Thermal denaturation

Coiled coils

Refolding of tropomyosin

(PDF 1) (Courtesy of Prof. David Gossard)

(PDF 2)

10 Fluorescence spectroscopy
11 S-peptide helical folding (PDF)
12 Detecting partially folded intermediates (PDF)
13 Prolyl isomerization
14 Cytochrome c refolding pathway (PDF)
15 2-D NMR techniques
16 Collagen structure and folding in vivo (PDF - 1.8 MB) (Courtesy of Prof. David Gossard)
17 Procollagen folding in vitro
18 Protein calorimetry: BPTI
19 Protein misfolding and aggregation (PDF)

Ribosome channel

Nascent chains

Trigger factor

21 Scaffolding proteins in viral shell assembly
22 Amyloid fiber formation in neuro degenerative disease
24 Chaperonin assisted folding (PDF)
25 Eukariotic chaperonins
26 Paper topic discussion and choices
27 Membrane protein (rhodopsin) folding and assembly
28 Prion diseases
29 Etiology of some human protein deposition diseases