20.450 Molecular and Cellular Pathophysiology (BE.450)

Spring 2005

Diagram showing proteins and other elements of hepatitis viruses.
A comparison of the Hepatitis B, C, and D viruses. (Figure by MIT OCW.)

Course Highlights

This course features a comprehensive set of lecture notes and examples of student work on the course assignments.

Course Description

This course focuses on the fundamentals of tissue and organ response to injury from a molecular and cellular perspective. There is a special emphasis on disease states that bridge infection, inflammation, immunity, and cancer. The systems approach to pathophysiology includes lectures, critical evaluation of recent scientific papers, and student projects and presentations.

This term, we focus on hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), chronic-active hepatitis, and hepatitis virus infections. In addition to lectures, students work in teams to critically evaluate and present primary scientific papers.

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Prof. David Schauer

Course Meeting Times

Two sessions / week
1.5 hours / session