Related Resources

The following are subjects outside of the Department of Architecture that might be of interest to SMArchS Computation students.

Civil and Environmental Engineering

1.001 Introduction to Computers and Engineering Problem Solving

Mechanical Engineering

2.089J Computational Geometry

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

6.001 Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs

6.034 (HST 947) Artificial Intelligence

6.042J (18.062J) Mathematics for Computer Science

6.045J (18.400J) Automata, Computability, and Complexity

6.803 (6.833) The Human Intelligence Enterprise

6.837 Computer Graphics

6.868J (MAS 731J) The Society of Mind

Brain and Cognitive Sciences

9.34J (MAS 234J) Perception, Knowledge, and Cognition

9.343J Cognitive Architectures

9.65 Cognitive Processes

Urban Studies and Planning

11.520 A Workshop on Geographic Information Systems

11.522 Research Seminar on Urban Information Systems

Media Arts and Sciences

MAS.110 Fundamentals of Computational Media Design

MAS.234J Perception, Knowledge, and Cognition

MAS.714J Technologies for Creative Learning

MAS.731J (6.868J) The Society of Mind

MAS.742 Industrial Design Intelligence: A Cognitive Approach to Engineering

MAS.834 Tangible Interfaces

MAS.863 How to Make (Almost) Anything

Linguistics and Philosophy

24.09 Minds and Machines

Science, Technology, and Society

STS.075J (21A.340J) Technology and Culture

STS.086J Anthropology of Computing

STS.443-4 Technology and Self I and II

STS.464 Intellectual History of Technology

STS.462 Social and Political Implications of Technology

STS.360J Ethnography

Edgerton Center

SP.702J Introduction to Digital Electronics

SP.765 Practical Electronics


21W.820J Writing: Science, Technology, and Society

21W.732 Introduction to Technical Communication

21F.226 Advanced Workshop in Writing for Science and Engineering (ELS)

21F.228 Advanced Workshop in Writing for Social Sciences and Architecture (ELS)