4.195 Special Problems in Architectural Design

Spring 2005

Stone House.

A digital rendering of Herzog and de Meuron's Stone House. (Image courtesy of Stephen Perdue.)

Course Highlights

This class features a set of exercises in the assignments section, and the student submissions in the projects section.

Course Description

This class focuses on representation tools used by architects during the design process and attempts to discuss the relationship they develop with the object of design. Representation plays a key role in architectural design, not only as a medium of conveying and narrating a determined meaning or a preconceived idea, but also as a code of creating new meaning, while the medium seeks to establish a relationship with itself. In this sense, mediums of representation, as external parameters to the design process, are not neutral tools of translating an idea into its concrete form. They are neither authentic means of creativity, nor vapid carriers of an idea. Therefore, an important aspect in issues of meaning is how the architect manipulates the play of translating a concept to its concrete version, through the use of a medium of representation. The course is a continuation of the equivalent course taught in the fall semester and specifically focuses on digital media. The course is intended to establish a reciprocal relationship with the design studio, feeding from and contributing to its content.

Special Features

Technical Requirements

Flash™ Player software is required to run the Flash™ media found on this course site.

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Prof. Alexandros Tsamis

Course Meeting Times

Two sessions / week 
3 hours / session