Most weeks there will be extensive reading from class handouts, the texts listed in the syllabus, and the documents below. See the Calendar for specific assignments. Please come to class prepared to discuss the readings for the week.
Reading 01
  • Department of Defense Space Policy (PDF)
  • The NRO at the Crossroads (PDF)
  • Air Force Report (PDF)
  • Aerospace Commission Final Report (Link)
  • Report of the Commission to Assess United States National Security Space Management and Organization (Link)
Reading 02
  • Rogers Commission Report (PDF)
  • README First - Challenger Accident Resources (PDF
  • Lessons Learned from Challenger (PDF)
Reading 03
  • Resources for the Commercial Habitation Module Memo Assignment (PDF)
  • Space Commercialization is Critical to Success (PDF)
  • Space Station Overview
  • Commercial Habitation Module (PDF)
  • Alternate Habitation Module Concept (PDF)
  • A Commercial Habitation Module:  Good for Nasa, Good for Industry, Good for Everyone (PDF)
  • Breaking New Ground in Space Commercialization (PDF)