Lecture Notes

LEC # NOTES                                                 

Space Policy Seminar#1 (PDF)
Sources of Space Policy and Law (PDF)
The Next Air Force In Space (GIF)
Precision Engagement (GIF)
Space Industry (GIF)
Why Partner? (GIF)


Space Enterprise and Their Roles (PDF)
Commercial Space and The Implications for National Security (PDF)
National Security Space Activities (PDF)
Space Sectors Interdependence (GIF)
Space Sectors-The Players (GIF)
Space Sectors-The Functions (GIF)

3 History and Policy in The Fifties (PDF)
4 History and Policy in The Sixties (PDF)
5 The Seventies (PDF)
6 The Eighties (PDF)
7 The Nineties (PDF)
8 Space Law and Policy (PDF)