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SMAD = Amazon logo Wertz, J.R. and W.J. Larson, eds. Space Mission Analysis and Design. 3rd Ed. Microcosm Press, 1999. ISBN: 1881883108.

1 Launch Systems SMAD, ch. 18
2 Orbital Mechanics SMAD, ch. 5-7
3 Spacecraft Power Systems SMAD, sec. 11.4
4 Propulsion SMAD, ch. 17
5 The Environment of Space SMAD, ch. 8
6 Optics 1:
Introduction to Optics
7 Optics 2:
Introduction to Optics (cont.)
8 Optics 3:
Adaptive Reconnaissance Golay-3 Optical Satellite (ARGOS)
9 Attitude Determination and Control (ADCS) SMAD, sec. 11.1
10 Formation Flight 1:
Electromagnetic Formation Flight
Formation Flight 2:
Optimization of Separated Spacecraft Interferometer Trajectories in the Absence of a Gravity-Well
12 Formation Flight 3:
Minimum Energy Trajectories for Techsat 21 Earth Orbiting Clusters
13 Formation Flight 4:
Trajectory Design for a Visible Geosynchronous Earth Imager
14 Structures in Space Systems SMAD, sec. 11.6
15 Space Systems Cost Modeling SMAD, ch. 20
16 Satellite Systems Software SMAD, ch. 16
17 Software Engineering for Satellites SMAD, ch. 16
18 Spacecraft Autonomy
19 Spacecraft Computer Systems SMAD, ch. 16
20 Satellite Telemetry, Tracking and Control Subsystems SMAD, sec. 11.2-11.3
21 Satellite Communication SMAD, ch. 13
22 Reentry
23 Spacecraft Thermal Control Systems SMAD, sec. 11.5
24 Ground System Design SMAD, ch. 15