Lecture Notes

Some documents contain material which was taught over several lectures. Lectures 14 and 21 contain some blank pages, which were filled out by students as part of a class exercise.

1 Introduction (PDF)
2 Entropy (PDF)
3 The Sampling Theorem (PDF)
4 Quantization (PDF)
5 Source Coding (PDF)
6-7 Modulation (PDF)
8-9 Signal Detection in Noise (PDF)
10 Link Budget Analysis and Design (PDF)
12-13 Channel Capacity and Coding (PDF)
14 Cyclic Codes and error detection (PDF)
15 ARQ Protocols (PDF)
17-18 Delay Models for Data Networks (PDF)
19 Packet multiple access and the Aloha protocol (PDF)
20 Packet Multiple Access II: Local Area Networks (LANs) (PDF)
21 Routing in Data Networks (PDF)
22 TCP/IP and the Internet (PDF)