16.358J / 16.863J System Safety

Spring 2005

Photo of space shuttle cockpit showing computerized display panels.
Simulator of the new cockpit displays being developed for the Space Shuttle. (Image courtesy of NASA.)

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This course features full versions of course readings authored by the professor, as well as a set of lecture notes.

Course Description

This course covers important concepts and techniques in designing and operating safety-critical systems. Topics covered include: the nature of risk, formal accident and human error models, causes of accidents, fundamental concepts of system safety engineering, system and software hazard analysis, designing for safety, fault tolerance, safety issues in the design of human-machine interaction, verification of safety, creating a safety culture, and management of safety-critical projects. It also includes a class project involving the high-level system design and analysis of a safety-critical system.
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Prof. Nancy Leveson

Course Meeting Times

One session / week
3 hours / session



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